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Before joining a women’s recovery home like Miracles DO Happen, consider treatment.  A solid drug and alcohol rehab program is vital for long term success in recovery.  Developing a firm recovery foundation from which you can begin your transformation to health and happiness is something that usually begins in an inpatient treatment program. 

If done without proper medical care, detoxing yourself from alcohol or some drugs can endanger your life.  Those who try to detox themselves are at a disadvantage in the overall recovery process to those who complete an inpatient addiction treatment program and follow through with a treatment plan, including a halfway house program. 

Through an effective detoxification program clients are medically weaned off of the addictive substance so they are more comfortable in the drug withdrawal process than they would be on their own.  Following the medical detox portion, addiction treatment centers provide the necessary tools that recovering addicts and alcoholics need to overcome addiction.  This process includes individual counseling, group therapy sessions, introduction to outside 12 step programs, and meditation time.

Seeking recovery for addiction is a laudable life changing decision that can lead to a far more pleasant life.  When choosing an addiction treatment center, be certain that the program you choose includes a safe alcohol and drug detox from trained medical professionals. 

Miracles DO Happen works closely with several reputable addiction treatment centers in the area.  Before transitioning to the halfway house portion of your recovery plan, you may want to consider detox or inpatient addiction treatment at one of the following drug rehab programs:

Orchid Recovery Center for Women 

The Treatment Center

Wellness Resource Center 




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