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Miracles Do Happen was a gift from God. It was a refuge for me to grow out of my broken shell into a woman who I am beginning to love. As a resident of Miracles Do Happen the  structure and care I received was a blessing ,and is allowing me to continue growing as a healthy and happy woman. I am truly and forever grateful for the experience and opportunity of being loved back to health. I would sincerely recommend any woman who is serious about her life and recovery of becoming the woman she was intended to be to join our family...

Beth H. (A Proud Family Member)


When I came to Miracles Do Happen I was broken and had no hope.  I was a young woman trying to run and escape from my demons and the world.  My life was a jumbled up puzzle thrown on the table.  Through out my stay I was given love from Millie, staff and the woman of Miracles, they loved me till I could learn to love myself.  This house has taught me to step out of my comfort zone, get connected with woman and to be a responsible adult.  I have walked through a lot of my fears at Miracles and one of the the biggest blessings I was shown through this whole experience is that I did not have to do this alone.  I am so thankful for all of the woman at Miracles Do Happen.  Millie you are the heart and soul of this community. I want to let you know the things you did for me do not go unnoticed, your a necessary piece to the puzzle. I appreciate your dedication and service for today I now have hope and a life of my wildest dreams.
"Life is a Journey, not a destination"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Krista R.


November 14, 2009


To Whom It May Concern,


This letter is to serve a personal and professional reference for Ms. Mildred Tennessee. Throughout the past 6.5 years I have enjoyed the privilege of calling Ms. Tennessee my friend. During this time our relationship has had numerous forms or titles, neighbors, colleges, boss/employee, and simply friends.


Over the years I have found Ms. Tennessee to be a loyal, hardworking, and self-sacrificing woman. In every endeavor Ms. Tennessee holds herself accountable to the same standards of honesty and determination. Ms. Tennessee is committed to those she serves whether it is as a boss or employee. As an employee Ms. Tennessee’s work ethic challenges her colleges to keep up; as a boss her vision pushes employee’s to grow beyond their current comfort level bringing value to the both company, customer, and employee.


Ms. Tennessee consistently demonstrates her commitment to life-long learning, through a never-ending list of new personal challenges and willingness to adapt. Ms. Tennessee expects nothing short of her best and continually challenges those around her to achieve their best. I believe my life has been deeply enriched by the loyal friendship and mentor I have found in Ms. Tennessee.


I would recommend Ms. Tennessee without any hesitation for any job or program and believe those lives she touches with be profoundly impacted.


For any additional information please contact me directly.


Kind Regards,

Alicia L.


I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have been a resident at Integrity Way. I have seen many miracles happen to many people who have come through the doors of Integrity Way; myself being one of them. I will miss this place very much, for this is where I have called home for the last six months, and consider you all to be part of my family. The deep concern and well-being you show towards the clients makes Integrity Way a one of a kind program

Nearing the end of my stay during treatment at DAF, I decided to follow the suggestions of my therapist and some successfully sober people I'd met who shared with me their experiences with "half-way" and transitional housing. By God's grace, I found Integrity Way.

The combination of support, tools to change and a safe place to grow made this a very special and healing experience. I believe that the staff at Integrity Way, namely Millie Tennessee, Robert Dodd, Robert LaRocca, Scott and Alan Martin have always shown the greatest concern about helping those who allow themselves another chance at life. Today I feel a part of- instead of apart from. As a former client of DAF, I have been blessed by being able to do service by bringing an alumni meeting into DAF every Monday evening. I try to bring the message of recovery by offering my experience, strength and hope. My experiences here at Integrity Way are always a part of my story.

Now, after living here six months and having talked to many other people with similar experiences, it is absolutely clear that Integrity Way is unlike most other so-called recovery houses. I cannot over-emphasize the fact that every aspect of residency here is designed to focus on recovery from addiction and learning how to live a better life. Particularly impressive is
the dedication of Millie Tennessee and the staff members who are always available to provide support and guidance to residents, as well as the house as a group.

In closing, I can say with almost absolute certainty that initially I would not have been able to remain sober if it were not for the structured living environment provided by Integrity Way. I just celebrated my nine month anniversary and that in and of itself is a miracle for this addict. If there is anything I can do for you, or the program, or a client in the future, I would be honored to help in any way that I can.


Adam Y.


Dear Millie: 

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks to both you and your staff for all of your support and tremendous assistance during my stay at Integrity Way .  As you know, I have been a resident at the Fountains Property of Integrity Way for many months and am preparing to move on now.

While I am excited by the prospect of taking on more responsibility and by my move, I am also saddened by the fact that I am leaving all of the friends I’ve made at Integrity Way .  I have developed a very deep bond with both the Staff here and the residents.  It is a bond I hope will continue after I am gone.  I certainly plan on keeping in contact with the Staff and the residents and hope to share some fellowship with everyone in the Integrity Way family in the future.  

I feel as though my Recovery from chemical dependency has been made possible, in large part, by my stay at Integrity Way . You and all the rest of the staff were very instrumental in every aspect of my ability to achieve the sobriety I now enjoy.  The structure that the Integrity Way program provided me was key to me getting and keeping in touch with a Sponsor, attending 12 step meetings on a daily basis, finding gainful work, and making some great new friends.  Additionally, I feel that my stay at Integrity Way has taught me some valuable skills that will be fundamental to my future achievement.  These newfound traits involve my ability to keep house, work with others, and be a part of a successful team.

Again, I can’t thank you enough.  You and your staff were always ready to help when I needed it the most.  I look forward to my future recovery and want to tell you that it probably would not have been possible without your help.  I would recommend anyone leaving a treatment facility in consider Integrity Way as an option for transitional living.  I am proud to have been a part of what I consider to be the best transitional living facility in the business!!!  I owe a debt of gratitude to you and all the Staff at Integrity.

Thanks again,

Matthew G.


I've been a resident with Integrity Way for about three months now. I came here straight here from a treatment center. I was very scared to live in the real world for many reasons. A lot of us don't know or remember how to be productive, honest members of society. The only life I knew was the active addiction life. To my surprise I walked through the office doors and was met with open arms. I met a man who works for Integrity Way who was later to become a friend and a role model for me. He also happened to be my neighbor. This was just a glimpse of the environment that Integrity Way had to offer me and my recovery. If I had to describe this place i would not call it  " a halfway house". I consider it to be transitional housing with many added benefits. A lot of addicts have never had any structure in their lives and it shows by the path they took in life. Naturally my first instinct was to be rebellious and go against " the MAN ". I realized through working a program that this was not the way to go. In the rooms they have a saying that if nothing changes, nothing changes! I always thought it to be a 50 cent phrase but its simply put so that complicated people like
us addicts can understand it. I had to allow myself to be uncomfortable with my new life. My new life consisted of standard rules, structure, and some of the best recovery I've ever had the privilege to be a part of.  The unknown is very uncomfortable for me at times, I was more comfortable with my old way of life because that was all I knew. I pushed myself to do things differently and the rewards are beyond measure. Once I allowed myself to let go and change I opened the doors to an entirely different life. Today I am becoming a man, one who walks through his days with integrity, honesty, and true happiness. I am by no means perfect but as long as i strive for perfection and make progress in the process I can't go wrong. Integrity Way has helped me learn a new way of life that I never thought was possible. The staff here are not only employee's but addicts as well so they understand us, sometimes better than we understand ourselves. Integrity Way sets the bar high and will expect nothing less of its residents and its that strive for perfection that has helped me. I learn by example more easily than by word of mouth and the staff here walks the walk. Our director is one tough cookie on the exterior but she has a compassion for the addict in early recovery that makes her irreplaceable. Our senior staff member is always there for any resident who is in need no matter what time of day or night. His hope, faith, and courage have been an inspiration to many of us and I look up to him. The picture I'm trying to paint here is the opportunity at a new life. A life not only free of our addiction but free of ourselves. A plant grows best in good, rich soil and recovery is no different. To anyone who is considering becoming a part of our community just give yourself a chance to grow and the sun will shine on you too.
A Grateful Recovering Addict Named Anthony


i just completed one year at integrity way....my life has never been better....i attribute much of that to the incredible structure i received at this marvelous transitional housing program....the heart and soul of what a resident benefits from is is the impact of millie tennessee......she is tireless.....and has incredible instincts to stir each of us into bettering ourselves.....don't know anyone else i would recommend more than millie to help anyone struggling with substance abuse problems.....other than millie......she had the guts to take early recovery clients and have them live amongst regular people in a high class community.......more importantly millie made it work.....i have been around and integrity way is the best program in this area....by far.....personally...she taught me not to rest on my laurels......just when i start to think i got it.....in her own tenacious way she lets  me feel that that there is still room for improvement and issues to look at.....i was fortunate to be on staff here....and got to see millie in action from the other side of the desk.....so to speak....wow........i was so humbled and honored to be working with her....it would be easy for me to move on after a year here......but the opportunity to be a part in the start of integrity way's upcoming 3/4 house program....is too good to be true....i am looking forward to continued sobriety and more freedom and growth......but knowing that i will continue to live with millie somewhat in the picture is so reassuring.......with the sincerest of intentions....i strongly recommend either of integrity way's programs to anyone looking to get it right this time.................

Alan M.


Hi millie...enjoying your vacation yet? this is a personal email from me to you and is not bussness but frienship. I want to thank you for all that you have helped me with since i have got here. I am grateful every day for the staff here and what integrity way has done for me. You are a big part of that...your big heart but stern stature has been invaluable.This email is just to express my grattitude to you for all you have done and i want you to know that we all love you(even when you get angry) which by the way is not pretty.:} so if u decide to stay with integrity way millie that is awesome and if not then god bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Anthony D.


Dear Millie;
I'm writing this letter to you to let you know how you have help me by working under you as a manager. I have almost 12 years clean time and before I became a manager I had the feeling that I knew how to talk to patients and to draw the best out of them . You show me the best way to run a meditation group, orientation, the right way so that we could better help them and tap in to there feeling. if ever you need someone to work with you I would love to be that one. In closing I want to say that I have learn a lot from you and I know that any one that work with you or under you will learn a Lot from you.
Robert D.

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