Miracles DO Happen LLC


Welcome to Miracles DO Happen, transitional living center for women. 

Miracles DO Happen is a female halfway housing program located in Delray Beach, FL.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality residences, coupled with a caring and nurturing environment so that the recovering woman can learn how to live without an active addiction or alcoholism. 

Transitional housing has been proven to be the most effective way to attain continued sobriety.  Sober living at an all women’s halfway house, like Miracles DO Happen, provides an opportunity for women to learn how to live free from addiction in an environment focused on women’s issues and female sober support.  Miracles Do Happen is sensitive to the many gender specific issues that women face in their recovery process.

As Miracles DO Happen clients develop a sense of community with other women, they become increasingly able to live comfortably and without the use of mood altering chemicals.  Here at Miracles DO Happen every woman will have the guidance and support to become the kind of woman she was destined to be.

At Miracles DO Happen, our goal is for every woman to achieve:

  • Integrity 
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Concern

Our sober homes are spacious, clean and safe.  All of our properties are within walking distance from downtown, the beach, meetings, etc.  Miracles DO Happen provides every client with the opportunity for sobriety through participation in recovery events and conventions, building healthy relationships with other women and opportunities for service.

Miracles DO Happen is a therapeutic, sober living environment where women can not only find lasting recovery, but they can become the women they were destined to be.  By practicing thorough honesty, faith and humility, Miracles DO Happen clients do recover. 

For more information about women’s sober living at Miracles DO Happen, call 561-302-9584.



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